Sunday, 18 April 2021

Flintstones Weekend Comics, November 1964

Betty Rubble got the short shrift in the Flintstones newspaper comic strips, even more so than the beloved Baby Puss. The cat wasn't a regular character on TV, though (ending animation notwithstanding). Betty was. She makes a quick one-panel appearance on the November 8th comic, one of five that month in 1964.

That's a lovely collection of animals in the final panel of the first comic below. We get the cliche of the cheapskate husband as well. November 8th we get the cliche of the bad woman driver. Fred's an ingenious cheapskate on November 15th. A fine perspective drawing concludes the November 22nd (with a little Dino way below) and continues his ingenuity (which doesn't make him a fortune) on the 29th.

Click on any of the comics to make them bigger.

November 1st.

November 8th.

November 15th.

November 22nd.

November 29th.


  1. Love these Flintstone comic strips. I have some I haven't seen posted here. If you let me know how I'd be happy to send them to you.

  2. "Fred, I'm tired of these plain walls... why don't we WALL-PAPER?"
    "Why bother? This comic is in black and white anyway..."

    I love the designs of those animals. What kind of ape is that, a gigantopethicus?

    What is the "inflatable chair" made of?

    Why does that dinosaur in the first panel of the November 29th strip have an ear?