Sunday, 14 March 2021

Flintstones Weekend Comics, October 1964

Four comics this month. The blog has posted the last one before but this is the whole month's worth.

The layouts are excellent. October 4th features a silhouette panel, October 18th has a great target background and rain effects in the last few panels, and Dino sneaks in an appearance in the last two comics (does he have a doll's arm in his mouth on the 18th). Betty is absent again.

October 4, 1964.

October 11, 1964

October 18, 1964

October 25, 1964.


  1. Very good stuff! The one woman in the foreground of the first panel of the 10/25 one looks a bit like Ann Margrock.

  2. Drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton and Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.

  3. "Crack, snapple, or pow"? Methinks the cartoonist wanted it to be "snap, crackle or pop" but was afraid that Kellogg's might not take kindly to that.

    And hey, look on the bright side, Wilma - at least you can carry around Pebbles in that pouch.