Sunday, 21 February 2021

Flintstones Weekend Comics, September 1964

Seven years ago, this blog featured Flintstones Sunday comics from 1964. Unfortunately, I stopping finding readable copies so there were no posts for four months. Lately, I accidentally found a source with the four months’ worth of comics so I’m going to post them.

Actually, at least two of them did get posted along the way, but we’ll bring you the full month.

September 6th: “Write it down” may be the cleverest line of the month. And an ink pen and dial telephone really are Stone Age.

September 13th: I guess those are little baby dinosaurs near the pointing kid in the last panel. We get silhouetted characters and non-smoking volcanoes.

September 20th: Fred and Wilma always seemed to have a better wardrobe in the comics than on TV. I’m still not much on the thinking Pebbles but it seems to work in the comics. As you can see, Mr. Slate is not Fred's boss in the comics.

September 27th: It’s always nice seeing Dino get some space. Betty doesn’t appear this month. In fact, she doesn’t appear next month either. I guess it’s only in the comics that Dino says “Gleef Gleef.”

Click on any of the comics to enlarge them.


  1. Materials drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton and Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.

  2. I remember it wasn't until the final season of the TV series that we start seeing characters use something that resembles a pen as a writing tool - the episode where Fred became boss at his job for a day - most of the time, it was the hammer & chisel or a bird with a sharp beak.

  3. Why the heck is there a random Pebbles-sized tornado in the Flintstones' yard? I mean, aside from "because the joke requires there to be one"...