Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Flintstones Weekend Comics, March 1970

Don’t you like it when current pop culture references are mixed in with old ones as if they belong together?

Fred Flintstone has a hippie friend (in the Stone Age world of 1970). But the hippie talks like a beatnik from the late 1950s.

Mind you, I think it’s cool that Fred isn’t judgmental. The hippie’s a friend and it’s an accepted fact. No jokes about clothes or hair or baths or anything like that.

The unnamed peace medallion guy shows up in the Flintstones newspaper comics in March 49 years ago. Someone who doesn’t show up for the second month in a row are Betty and Barney Rubble. Pops is in the March 15th comic and I love the Spring and Winter characterisations in the March 22nd comic, which showcases Pebbles. You can click on any of them to make them bigger.

March 1, 1970.

March 8, 1970.

March 15, 1970.

March 22, 1970.

March 29, 1970.


  1. Materials 100% Gene Hazelton.
    Inked by Lee Hooper.

  2. LOVE Pebbles in that "just beginning to stand-up and talk mode"! She should never have progressed beyond that stage!

  3. Whoever wrote the hippie/beatnik entry here wasn't alone. Most comic book writers of the era couldn't distinguish between the two teen-age trends of the previous fifteen years because they were mostly products of the bobbiesoxer era. Who could blame them for their confusion? Imagine us trying to portray present-day teens with accurate dialogue when our own offspring are likely well past that age group. Imagine the need to suppress the impulse to use "Gag me with a spoon."

  4. Boy the "stone age" stuff seems to come and go in the newspaper cartoons, note the mechanic's screwdriver and his paper estimate in the first comic, and the non-dinosaur "dog" in the last comic.

  5. Doesn't "Spring" the fairy(?) resemble Jane and other women from "The Jetsons"?