Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Flintstones Comics, December 1970

It’s remarkable! Infants in the Stone Age know future U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew! And they know there are such things as Spiro Agnew watches (my fuzzy memory seems to recall there was such a thing before Agnew’s political demise).

At least, such is the case in the Stone Age of the Flintstones.

Here’s what Gene Hazelton and his crew put together in the Sunday comics on this month in 1970. Pops appears on December 6th, Barney and Dino on the 13th, and Fred takes the Christmas comic of December 20th off. He returns on December 27th with a new-fangled remote control (at least our TV sets in the ‘60s never had one). The kids singing in the first panel of the Christmas comic look more like they came from Rankin-Bass than Hanna-Barbera.

Click on each comic to enlarge it. The colour comic comes from the collection of Richard Holliss.

December 6, 1970

December 13, 1970

December 20, 1970

December 27, 1970


  1. Materials 100% Gene Hazelton.
    Inked by Lee Hooper.

  2. Spiro Agnew? Shouldn't be Spirock Agnestone?

    1. How about this?

      Spirock Agate!

    2. Would exercise guru Jane Fonda name be converted to "Jane Fossil"? LOL XD

  3. Considering it's his "favorite time of the year" according to two different songs and 3 Christmas episodes, it's strange that Fred is absent from the Christmas comic strip.

    Thanks once again for this twice-monthly treat!

    1. Among the Flintstones Christmas Sunday pages which I saw, Fred is absent in the Christmas Sunday pages from 1967 and 1970.