Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, October 1970

Huckleberry Hound and the rest of his gang made references on screen that they were in a cartoon show, at least during the portions between the main cartoons. It would appear at least one character in the Yogi Bear newspaper comics knew he was in a comic.

It happened 48 years ago this month. We’ll post all the comics for the month below, but we’ll start with one from 50 years ago this month. The colour comics come from Richard Holliss’ collection. It seems the newspaper in England that he read eventually cheaped out and the only colour it used was red.

The comic below from October 20, 1968 is in full colour. The silhouettes in the column on the left side, third row are very nice. I thought national parks were in the middle of nowhere. How much would it cost to get a cab there?

Now to 1970. Boo Boo takes the month off but we get two appearances by the park “general.” I like the designs of the aliens in the October 25th comic as well as the opening panel with the huge stone in the middle. Because this version of October 25th comic is in four rows, it’s missing one small panel where the general says “The park buffoon has gone completely loon.” Yogi’s rhyming disease is infectious. Ranger Smith is “Bill” again in the October 18th comic.

October 4, 1970.

October 11, 1970.

October 18, 1970.

October 25, 1970. Sorry for the out-of-register colour.

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  1. The Yogi Bear Sunday page from October 20, 1968 was drawn by Iwao Takamoto.
    And the Yogi Bear Sunday pages from October 1970 were all drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton.

    1. Someone else has told me the first comic is by Pete Alvarado.

  2. Hmm.the last is the one with the very funny self-reference! "too mcuh comics"! I like all of those..SC

  3. Terrific stuff. Witty as well as funny.