Saturday, 16 June 2018

Jumping With Jinks

The Huckleberry Hound Show was more than a few amusing cartoons. It was a full half-hour programme with all kind of things going on in between the cartoons, things that disappeared when the cartoons were later syndicated on their own.

The show, for a time in the early going, centred around a circus motif, which worked really well. Here are some frames from one of the pre-closings of the show, where Huck and the other characters are on a trampoline urging us to tune in again.

This scene features Mr. Jinks failing to catch the meeces. Notice how Jinks’ hand grows for emphasis sake; I’ve pointed out on the Tralfaz a few instances on the same thing being done in theatrical animation. The meeces are, naturally, self-satisfied, knowing they’ll win because Jinks is the bad guy and the bad guy always loses in cartoons.

Jinks has an awful lot of angles, doesn’t he? Even his tail hangs down at an angle instead of having an ‘s’ shaped bend. I don’t know who animated this but my wild guess is it’s someone different than whoever animated Huck (Phil Duncan?) earlier in the sequence.


  1. In all the bumpers like these that I've seen of these characters, Daws Butler does all the voices, which is why Pixie seems to hardly speak at all. At least from all the ones I've come across.

  2. Kinda looks like Mike Lah, but not sure if he was still there when this was done.

  3. so cool ! this stuff must be preserved ! pix dix & jinksie are my favorite cat & mouse players. after years of "tom & jerry" it's interesting bill & joe used 2 meeces & one cat. and i've always LOVED jinks' voice ! and the fact that dixie has a southern accent.