Saturday, 14 April 2018

Raindance Bear

Some of the little cartoons between the cartoons on the Yogi Bear Show where a little mild. Here’s a solo effort by Yogi Bear.

He tells the viewing audience he’s going to do a rain dance. Why? Well, for the sake of a gag which you can probably predict.

“When I’m in good form, I dance up a storm,” he tells us before the camera fades out after about 20 seconds.

I won’t venture a guess about the identity of the animator.


  1. While the lightning strike and rain was anticipated, the flood filling the screen was the surprise and a perfect cartoon effect. So this is an example of taking a standard gag that might be predictable and enhancing it. Regardless, it is satisfying because it works.

  2. I'd guess it was Dick Lundy who animated this