Saturday, 10 February 2018

High Wire Huck

The best animation in the Huckleberry Hound Show can be found in the little cartoons between the main cartoons in the first season. They involve a circus setting, and start with the Kellogg’s rooster dropping down from above and knocking on a door.

Here are some expressive drawings from one of them. Have you ever seen Dixie so excited?

Jinksie, of course.

Pixie is excited, too. The meeces were never this emotional in their own cartoons.

And here are a few frames of Yogi, slightly raising his head. I didn’t count the number of head positions but there must be at least a dozen. Here are a few. I wish Yogi looked this good in his own cartoons, but I suspect money was pumped into these bumpers to make them as attractive as possible. Even his hat moves a bit.

This is a recreated pan shot, left to right. Sorry for the mismatched colours.

The animation of the rooster is really good. There’s actually follow-through on Cornelius’ comb as he looks around wondering where Huck is after knocking on his door. Not all of the action is animated on twos, meaning the rooster darts around peering around for Huck. It’s unfortunate I can’t show the animation here, but it’s great that the bumper survived in the Hanna-Barbera archives when others did not and is available on DVD.

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  1. This solves one mystery that I didn't know had a solution: what inspired the cover and cut-out/pin-up page in the back of the PIXIE AND DIXIE Little Golden Book of Jinks on the high-wire with Pixie and Dixie on his balance bar. None of the actual cartoons had that situation, but I never even considered that an interstitial cartoon could be the basis for it.