Saturday, 27 January 2018

Fast Gun Yogi

“The fastest draw since Quick Draw McGraw,” is how Yogi Bear labels himself in one of those little cartoons between the cartoons of his own show. He turns his head and his body during dialogue. There’s more animation in most of these bumpers than you find in the actual cartoons.

He displays some fancy shootin’, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth during the gunfire. We get squash and stretch, too.

Yogi looks up. There’s no real reason, other than it makes the scene less static.

A little curly tongue during dialogue.

“That’s a mighty fast draw, but I’ve got to work on my aim,” says Yogi, who apparently ran out of rhymes.


  1. There's a charm to the early Hanna-Barbera Limited animation on the Yogi's and Huckleberry Hound cartoons that gives them a snappiness which makes them so much fun to watch. It's always great to see these characters fully animated, but I don't think the full animation took anything away from the more limited nature of the shorts. Each had its strengths. I think the real problem with the later Hanna-Barbera cartoons was that the stories weren't as well crafted, the animation wasn't as inspired and and it just seems like the stuff was getting cranked out. Time is always a factor when crafting a cartoon. Even in those early HB efforts, some of the endings are half baked. Time may have helped solve some of those issues. Overall, When you look at those early Yogi Bear- Huckleberry cartoons, you get a sense that the people working on them were having fun, not so much with the latter product.

  2. YOWP, sadly Doug Young has passed away -

    1. Hi, Anon. Thanks for the note. I just saw it now. I must admit the blog's pretty much on auto-pilot with advance posts and I'm not here much.

  3. Apparently Yogi is not only “the fastest draw since Quick Draw McGraw,” but also the most incompetent draw since Quick Draw McGraw. 😁