Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flintstones Weekend Comics, May 1967

Some good stories and nice layouts highlight the Flintstones comics from 50 years ago this month. The May 21st comic has good examples how to handle a lot of people without the panels being cluttered. We see on May 28th that Wilma used to be a cheerleader. Did she go to Geology High? Fred’s given up the Winstons for a pipe.

Richard Holliss supplied all these from his collection. Click on each to make it bigger.

May 7, 1967.

May 14, 1967. Barney is looking toward heaven.

May 21, 1967. What is that smiling guy holding (besides balloons) in the opening panel? Spop!

May 28, 1967. Wilma’s cheer doesn’t rhyme, but it accomplishes its task.


  1. Materials 100% Gene Hazelton.
    A small detail: the Flintstones Sunday page from May 21, 1967 (drawn by Gene Hazelton) is included in the Patrick Owsley's blog (

  2. The logos are great...twice we get smoke blown through the "O" in "Flintstones". On May 14th, Barney's tuft of hair is in front of the lettering while his thought bubble is behind it. Creates a strange dimensionality, complemented by the golfers and volcanoes in the back and the set of golf clubs in the foreground. The balloons are hiding behind the lettering on May 21, and Fred and his pipe are in front on May 28th.

    By 1967, the TV series had been switched from original shows in prime time to reruns on Saturday morning. The comic books had begun heavily reprinting earlier Flintstones stories. "The Man Called Flintstone" had been released to movie theatres to apparently disappointing results. Jackie Gleason had revived "The Honeymooners" on "The Jackie Gleason Show" with a new Alice and a new Trixie...interesting that he waited until the year after the final first-run "Flintstones" had aired. And Hanna-Barbera presented their live-action/animated special "Jack and the Beanstalk." The times, they were a-changin'. But "The Flintstones" comic strip carried on, with the characters still pretty much on-model.

    Thanks for these strips, and special thanks once again to Richard Holliss.

  3. I see the Flintstones Sunday page from May 21, 1967 (drawn by Gene Hazelton), having on my mind the dialogues, the habitual Hanna-Barbera sound FX and the song The happening (recorded by Diana Ross & The Supremes for Motown Records in 1967) being played in the music score.

  4. The Flintstones Sunday page from May 14, 1967 (drawn by Gene Hazelton) involves golf with a touch of National Geographic's Urban Jungle.