Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Flintstones Weekend Comics, April 1967

The Flintstones started out in life as a sitcom dealing with the suburban lives of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Barney and Betty Rubble next door. Well, the show evolved and so did the newspaper comic featuring the characters.

By April 1967, the cartoon show was into reruns. In the comics that month, the Rubbles rated only a mention and someone name “Pops” showed up casually, treated like a regular character. He still reminds me of a leprechaun without an upside-down clay pipe.

As well, Gene Hazelton or whoever was responsible for layouts of the comics seemed to be getting bored with backgrounds. There are an awful lot of panels that are just a solid colour, and not just the small thin panels.

There were five Sundays this particular month. April 2nd features Suzie, the swinging niece who says “Boss!” I keep waiting for her to sing the lyrics to the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show theme.

April 9th features Pebbles. In the second panel, the artist missed the chance to have the letters “H” and “B” on Pebbles’ block.

You’d think Fred, of all people, would want to spend more on food. April 16th proves otherwise. Note the sunrise in the distance of the first panel, middle row.

My favourite panel of the month is on April 23rd. Look at the last one. Pops is flicking his cigar ashes on Dino’s tail, while the dinosaur’s teeth are being brushed by Pebbles (Dino is holding the toothpaste tube).

April 30th is a switch on the old “meek husband” gag with a typical ending.

My thanks again to Richard Holliss for supplying the full-colour comics you see below.

April 2, 1967

April 9, 1967

April 16, 1967

April 23, 1967

April 30, 1967.


  1. The writer of the April 2 comic missed a golden opportunity for the bird to make a wry joke about his job. It would have been perfect if the bird was annoyed, just like Fred and Wilma!

    Still, these are great. I mean, they always are, but this month's comics were particularly funny, in my opinion.

    Thanks, as always, Yowp. Thanks, too, to Richard Holliss for sharing the colour versions.


  2. A small detail: the Flintstones Sunday page from April 16, 1967 (drawn by Gene Hazelton) is also included in the Ger Apeldoorn's blog (

  3. Interestingly, Jackie Gleason revived "The Honeymooners" on his Saturday night variety show after "The Flintstones" had ended their run in prime time. At the time, I never made the connection.

    Not sure if Pops is supposed to be Fred's father, Wilma's father, or Fred's or Wilma's grandfather. There was a similar Grandpa character in the Gold Key comic books at the time, but he was designed differently and had a long beard.

    Wilma's niece has appeared previously in the comic strip. I can "hear" Janet Waldo's Judy Jetson voice.

    1. I can hear her voice,too, as Wilma's niece.

    2. I almost can hear (for the meek Hubert, same one where Pops shows up) Frank Nelson's least at the end when he's confronting wife Helen. SC

    3. The long-bearded Grandpa seen in the Flintstones comic books from Gold Key, always brought presents for Pebbles, which let Fred proud. But Wilma thought the Grandpa was spoiling her.
      There are two Flintstones stories which involve this long-bearded Grandpa. One of them was drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. And the other one was drawn by Pete Alvarado.

  4. The neice has surprisingly modern attire compared to everyone else.

    1. WILMA: "You know something, Fred? Sometimes, I think Suzie is a million years ahead of her time."/FRED: "Then why doesn't she stay THERE?"