Wednesday 21 September 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, September 1966

Considering my favourite Flintstones episode is “Dino Goes Hollyrock,” where the hammy Dino gets a showcase, you can guess which comic I liked that appeared in newspapers 50 years ago this month. And considering my least-favourite Flintstones is that wretched one where Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are singing that annoying, sugary sunshine song, you can guess which comic I don’t like.

(That preposterous Bewitched cross-over is right up there, too, but let’s stick to the subject).

Actually, there is a Pebbles panel I like this month. It’s the opener in the September 18th comic where she’s waving to the little dinosaur being walked by its owner. Both the Yogi and Flintstones weekend comics, at least for the first number of years, have little bits of side action going on in some of the larger panels. It adds a lot. Another example is the traffic cop in background of the long panel in the middle row. (A “duplicate hat”-type gag is used in an October comic as a punch line).

Judging by the September 25th comic, Pebbles gets her appetite from her father’s side of the family.

Richard Holliss was kind enough to supply colour versions of the September 18th and 25th comics.

September 4, 1966

September 11, 1966

September 18, 1966

September 25, 1966


  1. The dark-haired school boy looks a lot like Sandy Stone of the Cave Kids.

    I'd have to reference some of the other strips to be sure, but I believe we have previously seen the dinosaur on wheels as one of the toys in Pebbles' room.

    Right around this same time in 1966 or 67 there was a Gold Key comic book story about the Bedrock Ice Capades, and Dino had a featured role in that one as well.

    Interesting to note the random people in the September 18th strip. And Andre is not only the name of the hat shop owner, it's also the name of Wilma's hairdresser (see "The Gruesomes" episode).

    1. This is the central story from The Flintstones #37 (Gold Key, USA, December 1966), which was drawn by the Warner animator Phil de Lara (who also drew the cover from this same issue).

  2. And Sept.17 was the 51 anniversary of the debated sunshine song episode, the final seaosn premiere "No Biz like Show Biz'. (I'll trade you for that, metaphorically, "Sammantha",or others...meaning that I actually harbour a certain fondness for the dreaded sunshine episode, but NOT that much for the song but the twists and satire on the mentioned in past posts it was the old 1954 song "Let the Sunshine In'. How about the Bewitched "Sammantha" episode, Yowp? That, I know, lpretty much puts you off as well and I'm with you..

  3. Holiday on Ice! My late mother loved it!

  4. Thename Gypsum (ythe teacher) came from Montague Gypsum, the Hans Conreid-like (Walker Edmiston) charavter in "This is your Lifesaver", and from a type of rock...

    1. And don't forget little Rosalie Gypsum (voiced by Pattee Chapmun) on Fred's school bus route in the episode "the Missing Bus". Or her mother Mrs. Gypsum (voiced by Sandra Gould): "I've got a lotta money tied up in her act!"

  5. I can totally hear John Stephenson as the voice of the mustached guy in the second-to-last comic