Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, August 1966

The Flintstones newspaper comic gave Hanna-Barbera the perfect chance to give the movie The Man Called Flintstone some free publicity.

Variety announced on January 26, 1966 the film was going into production. It must have been rushed; it was revealed by the trade paper at the end of March that Paul Frees had been signed to do voice work, and the voice track is usually done even before any animation is started. The movie was released in August.

The August 14, 1966 Sunday comic was based on the movie. I like how the director is called “J.B.” Where have I seen those initials before?

The colour versions for this month 50 years ago were supplied by Richard Holliss. Dino is absent in all four comics and Pebbles isn’t central to the plot in any of them for a change.

August 7, 1966.

August 14, 1966. Fred shoots a hole in someone? Such violence! What about the children?!

August 21, 1966.

August 28, 1966.


  1. August 21 starts with another Hanna-Barbera Girl TeenagerTM ("Christie")..glad they dropped Amber a long time ago..SC

  2. Having watched A MAN CALLED FLINTSTONE many times, I find it interesting to see Ali, Bobo and the Green Goose 'on paper'. It makes me wonder if a comic book/novelization was ever made based on the movie.

    Also compelling is how Fred's adventures as Rock Slag are depicted as a movie-within-the-strip, whereas the actual movie was conveyed as 'reality' as opposed to a fantasy/dream sequence.

    1. There was a Gold Key comic book based on the movie.

    2. It appeared as THE FLINTSTONES #36, October 1966.

    3. A not-to-be-missed issue! Art appears to be by Pete Alvarado. It considerably shortens the plot but still manages to be one of the longest Flintstones comic book stories ever.

    4. And the cover was drawn by Phil de Lara (who was animator at Warner).

  3. JOE BARBERA (to Columbia Pictures exec):"Say, how about a 'Flintstones' feature?"
    EXEC:(sarcastically)"Sure, if it can be completed in time for a summer release - seven months from now." (snickers to himself)
    JOE:"Okay! You got it!"
    EXEC (drops cigar out of mouth, flabbergasted)

    1. JOE: Let's make it a James Bond ripoff while we're at it!

      EXEC: Can we get Connery?

      JOE: Who needs him? We've got Alan Reed!

  4. gee i'm feel sorry about bobo