Wednesday 18 May 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, May 1966

The idea of baby Pebbles Flintstone talking to herself isn’t something I’m all that crazy about, but I understand why that concept was used in the Flintstones newspaper strips (the TV series might have tried the same thing if it went a few more seasons because it was becoming bereft of ideas). So 50 years ago this month, Pebbles chats away in thought balloons in one of the weekend comics.

Whoever the artist was, he liked a straight-on view, head tilted up, of a character crying. Fred does it in the May 9th comic and Pebbles does it a week later.

Barney and Betty appear only once in the month of May 1966 (May 1) while incidental Dino appears twice (May 8, 15); Richard Holliss provided the first two comics for you. As you know, the comics didn’t, for whatever reason, use Mr. Slate as the boss, so we get some snooty-looking chap in the May 22 comic (with a Don Messick voice, I imagine).

Sorry for the lousy scan of the May 29 comic; it’s all I can find. You miss the effect of the silhouette panel in the top row because the picture’s so dark.

Click on each comic to enlarge it.

May 1, 1966

May 8, 1966

May 15, 1966

May 22, 1966

May 29, 1966

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