Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, April 1966

Yogi vs Ranger Smith. Cindy vs Yogi. And Yogi demonstrating he’s smarter than the average bear. That pretty much sums up the Sunday Yogi Bear newspaper comics from 50 years ago this month.

One lovely black-and-white version came from an internet web site. The coloured tabloids are from Richard Holliss’ collection. The rest are from newspapers on-line in various states of ill-repair (why there is a dark line down the middle of each page of the Buffalo Courier, I don’t know.

Yogi finds ingenious ways to outsmart Ranger Smith. In the TV cartoons, he seems to get punished for his creativity more than in newsprint. This is from April 3rd.

Lots of little animals that H-B comic maven Gene Hazelton loved in the April 10th comic. I like the look of the wind against Yogi and Boo Boo.

The idea of practical jokes comes up for the second comic in a row. This April 17th comic is tough to see because the Courier’s photocopied version of the newspaper came out a little dark. The artist gets in a variety of poses for Yogi.

Ah, more woodland creatures in the April 27th comic. I’m not a Cindy Bear fan with her Leila Ransom-like gushing over Yogi but I like the idea of her standing up for herself in this comic. There’s varied perspective in the layouts and a silhouette shot.

You can click on any of the comics to try to see them a little better.


  1. In regards to the first of the comics, wherein firewood was the byproduct of Yogi's Free Karate Lessons: Isn't firewood normally sold by the cord?

  2. +1 for referencing a character from a fantastic radio show

  3. Materials drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg.