Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Flintstones Comics, May 1965

1960s issues hit the Stone Age in the Flintstones newspaper comics of May 1965. Long hair on boys (May 12th) and environmental conservation (May 28th). And we have the old 1940s comedy standby—the door-to-door salesman (May 25th) that Chic Young loved to toss into his Blondie comics on occasion.

Was the writer inspired by Chuck Jones’ Now Hear This (1962) in the May 11th comic? The gag’s a little surreal for the Flintstones.

Some other things...
● Pebbles meets up with the postman again (May 24).
● Barney loves hats (May 8, 17, 19, in addition to his Lodge hat and hard hat).
● Ethnic gags two strips in a row (Chinese, May 3; Italian, May 4).
● Betty makes two appearances this month. Meanwhile, there’s at least one Pebbles-centric comic every week.
● Where’s Baby Puss?
● Dino has thought balloons (May 18).

The comics are batched in weeks, Monday through Saturday: May 3rd to 8th, May 10th to 15th, May 17th to 22nd and May 24th to 29th.

Now the Sunday Flintstones. These have been re-uploaded with complete, three-row versions since the original post. Aren’t the animals in these great, especially the ram in the first comic? Tsk. Bamm-Bamm is an animal abuser in the opening panel of the May 9th comic.

May 2, 1965.

May 9, 1965.

May 16, 1965.

May 23, 1965.

May 30, 1965.


  1. Here's the complete material from the Flintstones comic strip, carried in the newspapers from the whole world (via McNaught Syndicate) in May 1965, featuring the daily strips drawn by Gene Hazelton and the Sunday pages drawn by Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.

    1. Correcting: the Flintstones Sunday pages from May 1965 also were drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton.

  2. Attention!

    The Flintstones Sunday page from May 30, 1965 (drawn by Dick "Bick" Bickenbach) is included in the Ger Apeldoorn's blog (, more exactly in the topic When in doubt, Yabadabbado'em, which's located in the following link:

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