Monday, 16 March 2015

Flintstones Comics, March 1965

Do you know a kid who sticks cookies through the mail slot for the mailman? Did you used to do it? Evidently Gene Hazelton, or whoever wrote the Flintstones newspaper comic strips must have. It’s a recurring theme in the daily comics 50 years ago this month. We see the Pebbles-postman gag on the 2nd, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 26th (it returns in April as well).

Other things of note:
● Baby Puss makes an appearance on March 1st.
● Fred’s calendar on the 1st is made of stone, while on the 20th, it’s made of paper.
● Bill Hanna’s beloved Boy Scouts anchor the gag on the 12th.
● Dino only appears on the 18th.
● Betty only shows up on the 6th.
● Gadget gags: Swordfish-Dino meatcutter (6th), bird stereo speakers (8th), mini-dragon lighter (9th), Pelican-Dino checkout counter (11th), electric eel x-ray machine (25th).
● Clerk in the comic on the 13th is reminiscent of the Jack Benny radio shows where Elliott Lewis played a rough guy at a store’s perfume counter.

Here are the weekend comics. Spot the hidden Quick Draw McGraw reference. Bill Hanna’s Boy Scouts are the topper of the March 28th comic. And the layouts are terrific in the top comic (March 7th). Love those volcanoes!

Click to enlarge any of the comics.


  1. Here's the complete material of the Flintstones comic strip, carried in the newspapers from the whole world (via McNaught Syndicate) in March 1965, featuring the daily strips drawn by Gene Hazelton and the Sunday pages drawn by Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.

  2. Is the hidden Quick Draw McGraw reference the "you big bully" line from the March 14 comic?

  3. Quick Draw McGraw is in the puzzle that Fred is working on in the 3-21 strip.

  4. Hmm, I don't know, Scarecrow. Now that you mention it, I suppose the character in the puzzle could be Quick Draw. It is hard to draw a character on model in a small space like the puzzle. That said, I'm inclined to think it's just a dinosaur playing a guitar.

    Looks like we have a tie on the Quick Draw question. Care to break it, Yowp?

  5. Yes, Sergio, I'm going with Quick Draw in the puzzle.

  6. Fair enough, Yowp. Looking at the puzzle again, I see a handkerchief. Isn't there a Quick Draw cartoon where El Kabong angers the lady he is trying to save, prompting her to say, "You big bully?" Or maybe she said that to the villain. I'm not sure… Or maybe no such line was ever said in the Quick Draw series, and I'm conflating it with something else. I just thought the line sounded familiar, and I didn't look closely enough at the puzzle… In any case, even if there is a "you big bully" line in a Quick Draw cartoon, it would be so obscure that the March 14 comic would not likely be a deliberate reference…

  7. Replies
    1. No problem. I printed out an enlarged version of the strip and looked it over closely before I was sure about it.

      A few months ago, in one of the other Sunday strips reprinted by Yowp, we saw a scene of Fred watching Yogi Bear and Boo Boo on television. I love those subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) crossovers.

  8. I was seeing the Flintstones daily strip from March 3, 1965 (drawn by Gene Hazelton), which involved a gossipy neighbor, who reminds very much Gladys Kravitz ("ABNER! ABNER!"), the Samantha's (Elizabeth Montgomery) gossipy neighbor in the Bewitched series (Ashmont Productions/Columbia Pictures, 1964-72).
    Gladys Kravitz, the gossipy neighbor from Bewitched, was played by two comic actresses: Alice Pearce (1964-66) and Sandra Gould (1966-72). Alias, Sandra Gould voiced various female characters in some episodes from the Flintstones classical series.

  9. On this same selection of Flintstones daily strips from March 1965 (all of them drawn by Gene Hazelton), we have several situations involving the adorable Peebles and the postman.
    But, in the Ger Apeldoorn's blog (, there's a topic which involve a big selection of Flintstones daily strips and Sunday pages from several years.
    Among them, there's a Flintstones daily strip from 1966 (drawn by Gene Hazelton) which brings another situation involving Pebbles and the postman.
    These materials are included on the following link:
    Enjoy to see them!

  10. The "Don't ypu dare touch him....apologise to Stanley you big bully!" lady sounds like, in a cartoon, one of the guys could do a drag voice for it. (3-14-65).

    The 3-21-1965 comic is probably the funniest but I don't get it, I guess the "tail" ref by Fred Flintstone was taken literally by the elite ladies as if Fred actually was some kind of animal..:)SC

  11. The 3-12 scout(girl/boy) reference in the solo Pebbles comic (I enjoy both the scout references, being a longtime respecter of the Scouts despite my own not being even
    in the scouts myself, and Pebbles's appearances in the comics) are worth looking at, with Pebs looking up ("I'll be a girl scout", 2nd panel) then the payoff in the final panel.

  12. OK, so, believe it or not, it turns out I was not hallucinating! This is the scene I was thinking of: Still, not notable enough for anything to plausibly be a reference to it. I guess I saw this promo on Boomerang too many times, making me think it was a more prominent line than it actually is.

  13. The mini-dragon lighter seen in the Flintstones daily strip from March 3, 1965 (drawn by Gene Hazelton), reminds very much the Zippo cigarette lighters.