Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mr. Jinks Knuckle Run

Carlo Vinci created some unique run cycles for characters, sometimes giving them more than one type of run in the cartoon, depending on the character’s mood.

Here’s a great four-drawing cycle in “Mark of the Mouse,” a first-season Pixie and Dixie cartoon, where Jinks is self-satisfied as he puts one over on Dixie. Look what Carlo does with Jinks’ knuckles.

And here’s the run slowed down. I’ve removed some stuff from the background to try to make it appear more like an endless cycle. As you can see, Jinks’ head is on one cel, the body drawings on others.

There are some great poses in this cartoon, and this is another time where the emotional Jinks looks like one of Carlo’s frightened cats from a Mighty Mouse cartoon (which he worked on at Terrytoons for almost 15 years). We’ll post some drawings from a piece of Vinci animation from another first season cartoon next week.

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