Friday, 31 October 2014

Scary Junior

Snooper and Blabber ran into ghosts and a witch but the scariest characters they encountered were the J. Evil Scientist family.

They appeared in four Snooper cartoons (and, later, in one Snagglepuss). The first was “Big Diaper Caper” (1959). Carlo Vinci’s the animator on it, and here’s one of his two-drawing fear takes (pardon the digital pixilation).

Snooper then dashes out of the scene. He does one of those stretch-dive exits that Carlo drew all the time back then. Carlo occasionally made drawings that would have been at home in a Mighty Mouse cartoon; Vinci spent almost 20 years at Terrytoons. The first one below is a good example.

J. Evil Scientist wasn’t really an evil scientist at all. He never concocted or experimented at all, though he had test tubes and creepy ingredients in his home. He and his wife liked the macabre (they were inspired by Charles Addams’ family, after all) but Junior was the one who did the scary stuff. So it’s appropriate that we salute him on this Hallowe’en.


  1. I forgot that one..and then there was the very early "Real Gone Ghosts" from Season 1 (one of the ones where the originally completely obsucre Eliott Field did Blabber, and keeping with the season, he started doing a few Flintstones with Alvin Brickrock in Season 2, "Alvin Brickrock Presents"..not to be confused with that chipmunk Alvin.)

  2. I remember seeing J. Evil & family in at least one Kellogg’s Rice Krispies commercial where Snap, Crackle, and Pop happen to stop by the spooky house.

  3. After J.Evil Scientist, Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera showed their never ending fondness for the Addams Family with a few fifth season (1964-65) "Flintstones" episodes and the 1973-74 and 1991-92 T V cartoon adaptation.SteveC.J

    Happy Halloween..early HB style

  4. Never seen that spot, Paul. It's too bad Kellogg's doesn't have an archival site on-line where you could watch it and other old commercials (it's free advertising, after all).

  5. 11/2/14 Wrote:
    Junior does sort of resemble Milton The Monster, a 1965 series not by H-B but by Hal Seeger in a H-B styled limited animation fashion. Ironically, Seeger did get to have H-B distributor Screen Gems TV Productions distribute his next series, "Batfink" in 1967.