Thursday, 15 May 2014

Little Red Riding Lozzi

“Little Red Riding Huck” is a funny cartoon and it gets off to a nice start with an Art Lozzi background. Lozzi decided since the cartoon is a fairy tale spoof, it should have toadstools in it. Big ones.

The background isn’t long compared to others used when characters run in front of it. But here it is snipped together in full.

It takes Huck 16 frames to runs past the same tree on the left. He does it six times. His run cycle is four drawings, one per frame.

The background is, unfortunately, only used at the start of the cartoon. Here are the next two of Lozzi’s backgrounds.

Lozzi worked off layouts on this cartoon by Dick Bickenbach.


  1. You could easily see those backgrounds showing up in one of the 1956-58 MGM CinemaScope cartoons.

  2. Don Driscoll might have been a little more stylised than this, but they'd fit.