Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's Not the Sierra Madre

Hanna-Barbera had stopped making Quick Draw McGraw cartoons by 1962, but there was one new Quick Draw release that year—on record. That’s when The Treasure of Sarah’s Mattress was put out by Colpix, the music arm of Screen Gems (the TV arm of Columbia Pictures).

The best part about it is the real cast members were in front of the microphone to cut the LP. No cheap imitations. Daws Butler is Quick Draw. Don Messick is Chief Crazy Coyote. Doug Young is Augie Doggie. In fact, they play all the parts. And the record was written by Daws and Don M. You can click on the liner notes to read more.

Want to listen? Then just click on the arrow for each of the cuts.







  1. One of the earlier posting of one of these, in August 2010, the pirate ship one, had some unfamiliar "stock" music that you presumed was from Major/Valentino, I wonder if they used any TV cartoon music here.. Oh well, anyway, nice to actually have the actual cast here.:)SC

  2. I just listened to Chief Crazy Coyote on the first and heard a Curtin orchestral cue from the Flintstones that fir the one..nice..real authenic, I also presume the actual sound FX are the, too..! Interested compared to the Huckleberry pirate ship Colpix LP posted in 2010 that I mentioned.:)

  3. The best part of this recording for me is that the characters from the separate cartoons mingle in one storyline. It's really a kick to hear Quick Draw interacting with Doggie Daddy and Snooper. I don't recall seeing Chief Crazy Coyote in any of the Quick Draw TV cartoons--I believe he was primarily featured in some of Huckleberry Hound's western adventures. So he is the only "import" from the Huck and Yogi side--the rest of the lead characters are from the Quick Draw show--even Snagglepuss, who started out in the Quick Draw cartoons before making it into his own series on the Yogi Bear Show.

    The dialogue is so rich with puns, I laugh every time I listen to it. And nobody can deliver puns and mispronounced words like Daws Butler, Don Messick, and Doug Young as the original characters. This is a great recording!

  4. Hi Yowp,
    When I click on the separate tracks, 1 through 5, I just keep getting #1 over again, what am I doing wrong?

  5. Perhaps they meant to use “Big Chief Little Runt” (Daws Butler’s Joe Besser voice) instead of Don Messick’s Huckleberry Hound character “Chief Crazy Coyote”.

    But, considering that Messick voiced none of the starring characters of THE QUICK DRAW McGRAW SHOW, that may have been the reason for Chief Crazy Coyote’s inclusion.

  6. Sigh. Mark, there's some kind of weird Blogger interface glitch where it automatically changes the URLs to the cuts so they're all the last cut. It's done the same thing with other posts and I have to keep recoding posts over and over.

  7. Hi Yowp,
    Thanks for fixing the problem with the cuts! I listened to the whole record, and Snagglepuss steals the show! I think he's the funniest character in the story, especially because he's kind of a villain in league with Chief Crazy Coyote. Your repetitive tasks are appreciated.

  8. Well, glad it's fixed. BTW The background music is definitely from one of the stock libraries, but not any of these...but one of them used on "King Leonardo and Odie" or "Tooter the Turtle" by Leonardo-TTV! VERY realistic and surreal to hear Chief Crazy Coyote laughing right at 4:58-5:03 on clip 1. BTW It's weird how Mesisck made both Coyote and Bamm Bamm sound exactly the same!:)

    1. King Leonardo and Tooter Turtle (at least in the episodes produced by TV Spots/Creston Productions) used the Conroy Berry Production Music library. Such familiar cues as "Tom Fool" by Van Phillips, and "Poppin Around" by Bruce Campbell (both of which appeared on these shows) were originally released on this label.

  9. This might be a bit late to post this, but the music here is from the libraries Emil Ascher distributed. The tracks I recognize are from the Video Moods library, and if you're interested, I can send the cues I have used here to you privately.

    Fun record, by the way. Great dialogue from Daws and Don. I chuckled quite a bit.