Friday, 27 December 2013

Today's Huckleberry Hound Show Quiz

Can anyone identify the Hanna-Barbera cartoons that are depicted in the composite drawing below?

This was posted on Facebook by possibly our only reader in Peru, Jeanpierre Enrique Robles Ramon. The different colours make it seem likely each drawing came from a different place but I have no idea if they were in a comic book, or colouring book, or what the source is. These are not drawings from cartoons themselves, but are based on scenes in them. (See the note from Joe Bev in the comments).

At the top left, we have the two wolves from the Huckleberry Hound cartoon “Sheep-Shape Sheepherder” (1958-59 season). In the actual cartoon, we only see the barrel roll into the cave (the action is left-to-right) before the camera shakes. The wolves, I suspect, provided a bit of inspiration to the later Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-ling. The drawings probably look closer to Dick Bickenbach’s layouts to what Carlo Vinci did with them in the cartoon.

Below the wolves is Iddy Biddy Buddy who swam in Mr. Jinks’ water dish in “A Wise Quack” (1960-61 season). Iddy, as we know, was based on a duck that Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera placed in a handful of MGM cartoons and then turned into Yakky Doodle in 1961.

Underneath are Pixie and Dixie and the mouse fairy godmother in “A Good Good Fairy” (1959-60 season). It’s one of those bizarre transformation cartoons where the meeces end up as an apple and a banana at the end.

At the bottom we see the start of the peanut-pushing contest from “Papa Yogi” (1959-60 season), where Yogi cons his way into a Father-Son Picnic at Jellystone Park (Boo Boo is the unwilling “son”) to win all kinds of edible goodies. Here’s what the drawing looked like in the actual cartoon; layout by Walt Clinton and animation by George Nicholas.

To the right is a series of drawings based on the Huckleberry Hound cartoon “A Bully Dog” (1959-60 season). The telegraph poles, stone fence, Huck on a wire and snickering dog next to the trampoline are all part of the cartoon but not all together in one frame. Here’s the drawing from the cartoon with the trampoline.

This is the fourth cartoon with a dog with a wheezy laugh. These days, the character with that description who comes to mind is Muttley. You can read a bit about the lineage HERE. In fact, all the cartoons mentioned have been reviewed on the blog.

The composite drawing has inspired a post looking back at part of one of these cartoons. It’ll be the first post of the new year.


  1. It's interesting that only one of these cartoons is available on DVD - SHEEP-SHAPE SHEEPHERDER. One of these days we will be to enjoy all of these cartoons on home video. Thanks, Yowp, for the great post.

  2. The first one you show is from the Whitman Giant Story Book: Hanna-Barbera Huckleberry Hound Authorized Edition, copyright 1961. It is filled with narrative versions of the actual cartoon plots, "Told by Eileen Daly" and "Illustrated by Frank MCSavage", who does capter Georger NIchols' style.

  3. This scene of the peanut-pushing race in the Yogi Bear episode Papa Yogi is quite anthological.

  4. Just enjoy watching and reading about those cartoons which have been part of my childhood ! Thanks for sharing !