Thursday, 4 July 2013

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, July 1963

It must have been a hot July 50 years ago because two of the four Yogi Bear weekend comics that month use the heat as a starting point for the plot. I suppose I could look it up but I’m too lazy. Must be the heat.

Anyway, it’s so hot that Boo Boo must be taking refuge in a cave as he’s not in two of the four comics. However, we do get freckled, puffy-cheeked kids again and one comic where Yogi spends all his time talking in rhyme. Hey, hey, hey! Sigh. Now he’s got
me doing it.

Yogi’s being a jerk in the July 7th comic. Ranger Smith takes care of that. I like the shocked fish and contented ranger in the middle row, first panel. “I think I orter go under water.” What?! Someone’s trying too hard with the dialogue.

Why is there a general in Jellystone Park? Is there an air force base at the airport? Well, best not to ask questions like that. July 14th has Yogi and Boo Boo survive a looping helicopter crash. They’re not even scratched. Ranger Smith’s being the jerk in this one, revelling in the punishment he expects Yogi to get. I like the pleading panel with Yogi and Boo Boo in the bottom row. There’s a shadow background that reminds you of an interrogation. We get silhouettes in one panel in the middle row and a wavy-mouthed Yogi in another.

The less said about the rhymes in the July 21st comic the better.

Look at the detail in the last panel of the July 28th comic. And the perspective. It must be Harvey Eisenberg at work. And Gene Hazelton, or whoever did the story on this, tosses in a little song for atmosphere, because it doesn’t advance the plot.

As usual, click each comic to enlarge it. Several people have commented to me that it’s a shame some company has never issued a book with all these old Sunday comics. I bet it would sell pretty well. Hey, hey, hey!


  1. Maybe the great Craig Yoe might take interest in trying to track down these old Hanna-Barbera panels and putting them in a compilation. A Gene Hazelton and Harvey Eisenberg book would be perfect.

  2. I'm assuming "general" is a substitute/replacement for "superintendent". Maybe general sounded more intimidating for the strip's purpose.

    His presence wouldn't be unprecedented,since the military already made appearances in Jellystone a la "Bear Foot Soldiers" and "Missile Bound Yogi".

  3. Yeah, TCJ, except if I recall, in both those cartoons they temporarily appeared in Jellystone. They didn't have a permanent headquarters there. I just found it odd.

  4. I think it's funny that Yogi even thinks in rhymes and "Hey Hey Hey!" Lol