Monday, 20 May 2013

Puppets Expose Fred and Barney

So did Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera actually rip off “The Honeymooners” and turn it into “The Flintstones”? Sure, you’ve heard Joe rhetorically ask “Did ‘The Honeymooners’ have a Pola-rock camera?” as if that settles the question.

But why get the answer from Joe Barbera when you can get it from puppets?

Here’s a clever video on the history of TV which includes a mention of the Modern Stone Age family. It’s terrific and worth your time to watch if you haven’t seen it. These guys are on Facebook at this page.

My thanks to Jim Baxter for the link.


  1. " Jackie Gleason-They ripped you off and made this show " Oh, I can't stop laughing. The whole video is great! The truth, is the truth.

  2. LOL...Erroll...Right ON!:) [But I noticed the show that costars ME wasn't mentioned..GUMBY! They'd hafta fdo shows for 50s, then the 6o0s revival and the trashy 80s Gumby revival.Loved the clip, anyway..]:)Steve

  3. I don't think anyone denies HB robbed a few classic comedians of their bits and voices but we love 'em anyway. Not that the Fleischers can talk, Boop-oop-a-doop indeed.
    That video was surprisingly great!