Sunday, 2 December 2012

See Quick Draw and Yogi for Christmas

♪♪ Ding Ding, Ding Dong ♫♫ , the Christmas cash registers are ringing.

Hanna-Barbera certainly took advantage of the Christmas season. By 1959, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi and even Li’l Tom-Tom dolls were on store shelves. Newspapers even had letters to Santa asking for them (none thought to request a cuddly dog that said “Yowp Yowp” when you pulled the string. But I digress). And you’ve seen all kinds of H-B licensed merchandise on the blog here from the first few years of the studio’s life.

In hunting (unsuccessfully so far) for a new source of readable Sunday newspaper comics, I found this little ad that appeared on this date in 1962. Why is Mickey Mouse the size of a man?

Tru-Vue was connected with the people who made View-Masters. Originally, they were competitors. You can read more HERE.

I’m sure other blogs have waxed in prose about the venerable View-Master. I don’t know too many homes that didn’t have one at one time. It’s really kind of a quaint relic today if you think about it. Now kids can watch CGI videos. A slide show is really passé. Technology passed it by years ago. But there was something really neat about seeing cartoon characters you watched in kind of a 3-D, even if they didn’t look exactly as they did on TV.

Do you think that today, Disney would allow its “princesses” to be seen, let alone sold, with the likes of Yogi Bear?

I’m posting this as a bit of a test. As some of you know, the man assisting a famous cartoon dog in making these posts had eye surgery and still does not have full vision. It is difficult writing through haze. In advance of the surgery, some time was found to write a whole pile of new reviews, assuring that the blog will carry on, at least weekly, until mid-March next year.

Thank you all for your kind wishes.


  1. The kindly gentleman assisting Yowp in preparing these Blog entries writes:
    “Why is Mickey Mouse the size of a man?”

    Well, in the comic books, he would be about 2/3 the size of a man – assuming Peg Leg Pete, Goofy, or Gyro Gearloose were (more or less) “the size of a man”.

    …And, because that appears to be Dell/Gold Key comic-book art of Mickey, by the Mouse’s most prolific comic book artist Paul Murry!

    Indeed, Donald Duck appears to also be comic book art by Mr. Murry, and Bugs Bunny might also be by Tony Strobl – who, oddly, was better known for drawing Donald. It seems the ad used Western Publishing (Dell and Gold Key) sample art for some of these characters… probably because it was “there and available”.

    Oh, and we also wish “the kindly gentleman assisting Yowp in preparing these Blog entries” well with his eye surgery, and hope he is able to continue for some time to come.

  2. To call the View-Master "a quaint relic" is a big premature because you can still buy brand new ones at Toys R Us, showing off the Disney Princesses no less. I can post a link but I would think that would ruffle the fur on Yowp if I did. If you go to Toys R Us' website and type in "View Master" you will get several options.

  3. And to think, I use to run my View-Master Projector for my sibs when I was 7!

  4. Wow, what timing! I went through my drawer of " Stuff " the other day and found my " View-Master " with 3-D slides of Colonial Williamsburg.. circa, oh..1967. If I had any cartoon slides, they are long gone. I also join in with our group of well wishers for the kindly gentleman assisting Yowp with this blog, God speed and a fast recovery.

  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. If there is anything this YOWP fan can do to help let me know!