Monday, 22 October 2012

Flintstones Weekend Comics, October 1962

Lots of dinosaurs and the stand-in for Pebbles make an appearance in the Flintstones weekend colour comics for October 50 years ago.

The quality isn’t that great; the top rows come from the only paper I could find them in and the bottom two come from another. Someone’s trained eye can determine which ones Harvey Eisenberg drew; some of these may be the work of Dick Bickenbach.

Fred gives the Batman treatment to dinosaurs, a sabre-tooth tiger and some kind serpent in the October 7th comic. The puzzled on-looker dinosaur makes an appearance again this month in the final panel.

A shame I can’t find an October 14th comic in colour as the rainbow in the final panel would be seen in its proper effect. Wilma’s wearing black pearls. The on-looking dinosaurs are back and Dino makes a cameo appearance in the opening panel. Betty and Wilma are in silhouette in one panel. Very nice.

Who says the snorkel was invented in 1932? Here it is in the Stone Age. The Flintstones’ house has no garage. Fred’s a jerk for no reason in this one, from October 19th.

Here’s Gene Hazelton’s cutsie-pooh Amber character in the October 26th comic. Another silhouette drawing and more dinosaurs. And pull-back to a long final panel. If you’re wondering, Pebbles’ birth on the TV show is still a few months away. Wilma has black pearls again.

As usual, click on any other the comics to make them larger. A Late P.S.: Mark Kausler has again been kind enough to take the time to post the colour versions of these. Go to his site HERE. You can see the rainbow colours I mentioned above.

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