Sunday, 24 June 2012

Flintstones, Weekend, June 1962

Ah, the annoyed Wilma and angry, loudmouth Fred. Don’t you love them instead of the domesticated version Hanna-Barbera foisted on TV viewers after Pebbles was born? Well, we’ve got both in the Sunday comics 50 years ago this month. Of course, we have the Pebbles substitute, Amber, too, so we’ll just have to put up with her for one week.

The June 3rd cartoon is pretty topical. President Kennedy made his “an American on the moon” speech only a couple of weeks earlier. If it’s good enough for JFK, it’s good enough for Fred Flintstone. He’s got a wide smile through much of this comic. For some reason, the ‘y’ is missing in “Yabba.” Sorry, the first row of panels is missing.

Amber drives the plot in the June 10th cartoon. I really like the layout of the gag drawing at the end. Nice perspective. And the comic opens with a couple of cute incidental kids, one with a pet dinosaur. Imaginatively, the sign with the strip’s name is hanging from the top of the panel.

The annoyed Wilma shows up June 17th. There’s a mastodon watching in the opening panel. Sorry the colours haven’t translated well into a black-and-white photocopy.

Another great layout panel ends the June 24th cartoon. The phone company guy and his “truck” are in the background through the window. I don’t know if Dino laughed at Fred too often in the TV show.

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