Monday, 19 March 2012

A Page Right Out of History

Ever had a good look at the Town of Bedrock? If you’ve seen the opening and closing of the first couple of seasons of ‘The Flintstones,’ then you have. But David Pruiksma snipped together this background from one of the early episodes (Click to enlarge).

David points out it served as a model for a Marx Flintstones playset that came out about that time.

He suspects the layout is by Ed Benedict. As for the background artist, you can find those same sponged clouds-with-a-tail in a bunch of Quick Draw McGraw cartoons. One of them is “Six-Gun Spook,” with backgrounds by Dick Thomas. It also has the same kind of blue rock face you see in the Flintstones background.


  1. Interesting that in the artwork, there is a gas station...for foot-powered vehicles? Still, nice artwork.

    1. I guess that's where people brought their broken-down dinosaurs so they could be turned into oil centuries later.

    2. Looks like a nice little town to visit!

  2. Ahhhh! the great memories. All the toys i had in the sixties are long gone now! I just want to kick myself!