Thursday, 22 December 2011

Where is Bedrock Anyways?

For years, people watching The Simpsons have kiddingly debated in which U.S. state Springfield may be found (most fans suggest, considering the quality of the show for a long time, it should reside in a cemetery). Viewers of The Flintstones can rejoice that there is an answer to the location of Bedrock. It’s in Thailand.

Want proof? Reader Evan Borisinkoff has sent a note about a resort in Thailand where, according to this CNN web story, “guests can stay inside buildings shaped like Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and Dino.”

But, wait a rock-pickin’ minute! Bedrock’s not in Thailand. It’s in Iraq.

In hunting around the internet for more Flintstones news, I came upon the rather startling revelation that Saddam Hussein was a fan of the Modern Stone Age Family. And he even built a Flintstones Village for his grandkids. So among his evil deeds is not getting licensing permission from Hanna-Barbera.

You can find out a bit more in the caption to the photo above at this North Dakota news web site.

But, wait again! Bedrock may be in Australia. At least, Fred’s car appeared in a local charity bed race, according to this news story. But wait some more! It may be in Glasgow. At least some Flintstones were spotted there, also raising money for charity, according to this news story.

One thing’s for certain—the Flintstones continues to have a worldwide appeal more than 50 years after they were created. No doubt, their owner hopes that translates into big money with the coming remake by the Family Guy guy (which we’ve actually heard little about lately.

My thanks to Evan for the tip.


  1. Silly me...I thought Bedrock was either in Williams, Arizona or in Custer, South Dakota...

  2. Not sure where Bedrock is, but Flintstone is on Interstate 68 in Maryland. I take that route often as a 'back road' into the Washington D.C. area, though it's gotta be a pain for Fred going up and down the hills on that highway using just foot power...

  3. Hey, I found out who the cute girl setting on Saddam Hussein's "Flint"-tribute is:it's Staff Sgt. Teresa Pavljuk . So that question's answered for me, anyway, I was always wondering. (I guess the Sgt.'
    s not one of the terrorists..) (So it's like Mussolini liking Mickey Mouse..)Steve

    Thanks to Evan for the contribution, joining Yowp in that thanks.

  4. BTW the woman I cited in that Iraq pic, Sgt.Teresa Pavljuk, is thankfully one of ours, the last North Dakota National Guard member to where is the REAL Bedrock...J.Lee..that Flintstone road is an interesting one..any day I go into Marlyand (three-fourths across the country!) I might find that...meanwhile by Palm Springs/Morongo, is a Flinstones/Prehistoric Park, by the 10 Freeway if I'm right.Steve