Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yogi Bear, Sunday, August 1961

Mark Kausler is a nice man. It may strike you as being odd for me to say that as I’ve never met him in person. But he’s been kind enough to send me things he knows readers here would be interested in. And he likes Screwy Squirrel, which accounts for a lot.

Mark took pity on this poor old cartoon dog when I originally posted more of those image files of .pdf scans of microfilmed photocopies of old newspapers containing only two-thirds of the Yogi Bear Sunday newspaper comics for 50 years ago this month. He’s posted scans of actual colour newspaper pages of those same comics. All three rows, too. So, I’m reposting them. You can visit Mark’s blog here. Thanks, Mark.

Now, it’s time for some cartoons.

The August 6th comic has some nice little poses on Yogi. He’s got both feet wide off the ground when he “discovers” water. I like the off-balance drawing of Yogi when he’s lifted up by the water. You’ll notice the geyser’s at a bit of an angle in the final panel.

Heap Big Stereotypes August-Um 13th. What, no one says “How”? We get an “ugh,” which may describe some of Yogi’s rhymes. Harvey puts some silhouettes to good use. Didn’t Yogi do some kind of rain dance in a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercial?

Dig the mountain peak and clouds in the August 20th comic.

You know how Huckleberry Hound used to be a dog catcher, even though he’s a dog? Kind of the same thing is happening in the final panel of the August 27th cartoon. Huck was really a human stand-in. Here, Yogi’s a human stand-in while he locks himself in a cage with a bear. Harvey does something interesting in this cartoon. He has light shining on Yogi and Boo Boo in the stands. Notice their shadows on the steps. And I like Yogi’s juggling pose while Boo Boo looks apprehensive.

Let’s give you a bonus, thanks to reader Rick Greene. He’s scanned a clipping of the Flintstones Sunday comic from August 19, 1962. I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the Stone Age inventions as being borrowed from the TV show.

As usual, click on any of the comics to enlarge them.

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