Thursday, 3 February 2011

In the News

A couple of links to stories that we probably should have passed along earlier. Let’s start at the sublime and go to the ridiculous.

Daws Butler’s home town was Toledo, Ohio, and the newspaper there did a story about him a few days ago. Click to read it HERE.

Daws, of course, cut out quite a career for himself, not only at Hanna-Barbera, but at the Jay Ward studio. Historian and actor Keith Scott says Daws once told him the line “My mother’s living in Toledo” was written into a Ward script as an inside gag. Reader Adel Khan informs me you can find it in the Aesop and Son cartoon The Fox and the Winking Horse.

Investor’s Business Daily has written a story tracking the history of the studio itself. It ploughs over ground found in a lot of print stories starting when Huckleberry Hound went on the air. You can read it HERE.

Now, the ridiculous.

They’re going to make a CGI Huckleberry Hound. And a CGI Yogi sequel. No, it's not an April Fool’s Day gag. Read about it by clicking HERE or HERE.

My thanks (?) to Jon Cooke for the link.

You can see Huck’s reaction to the news on the right. And lest I bore you through repetition, I’ll say it again. I don’t want a new CGI movie. I want, and will pay money for, a DVD of the restored, remaining 35 Huck (and Meeces) and 13 Yogis that have not been released. The last ten of the Hucks (and nine Meeces) use Hoyt Curtin’s cues, so music rights can’t be an excuse to hold them up.


  1. Based on what they did with Yogi, who are they going to get to do Huck's voice -- Larry the Cable Guy?

  2. Rob Schneider. "Huckleberry Hound. Makin' copies."

  3. Boy, based on a few comments I saw at the bottom of the first article, I think the public is getting ready to light their torches and storm the castle. As Oliver Hardy used to say; " What could be " Woise " Ummm!!!"

  4. Huckleberry Hound;s so forgotten I was delighted, like Greg Chenoweth aka TheBlueHombre--but to a POINT----on GAC Forums---to see ANY recognition of Huck. THAT being SAID, agreed with the others....

  5. I would welcome both films after watching the "Yogi Bear" movie twice. It would be a dream come true to see Huck star in his own movie. I don't suppose Earl Kress can write it?

    If I give Yowp a dog biscuit, will he calm down a little bit, by gads!

  6. Apparently, the first Yogi 'CGI' feature was successful enough to warrant a sequel (just as the first "Scooby-Doo" movie was successful enough to warrant ITS sequel). But a Huck feature? What can you do in 90 minutes that could just as easily be done in seven? I fear a lot of "padding", some kind of character "tweaking", and the addition of some new "hilarious" characters {"Donnie", the cute little kid who's the nephew of "Powerful Pierre"...and just as rotten; "Mr. Ambergristham", the mean ol' boss Huck is up against: "YOU'RE FIRED!!"/"But, ah, sir, ah didn't even.."/"Don't try to get on my good side!! Heine-kissing won't save your job now!!"/'But ya' see, sir, ah.."/"Stop monopolizing the conversation!! You're fired, and that's all there is to it!!! GET OUT!!! SCRAM!!! HIT THE ROAD!!! BLOW!!!! GOOD-BYE!!"/(exterior shot of foot kicking Huck out of the building, as he unceremoniously lands on the pavement) "You know what? He didn't even give me a chance to tell him I don't even WORK for him! I just came by to deliver this telly-gram..."; "Officer Walsh", the Irish-accented cop: "Oh, it's YOU again, eh? I told ya' to stay outta me neighborhood!!! If you're not out of me sight in five seconds, I'll run in ye in for impersonatin' a human beein'!! Now BEAT IT!!!"/"You gotta admire those po-licemen...they're right nice when they ask ya' to move along....(flying billy club hits him on the side of his head) 'cept maybe THIS one." {Huck falls unconscious to sidewalk}; "Andrea Perkins", beautiful girl in distress who befriends Huck "Oh, I could just KISS you for saving my life, Huck!"/"[somewhat embarrassed] "*gulp* er, couldn't we just, you know, shake hands instead?"}, You get the idea....

  7. Nice to see someone in my hometown just NOTICED he lived here! I do remember that Aesop & Son cartoon as well where that line was used. It was nice finding that out years back when I noticed he came from here!

    I don't even want to believe a Huckleberry Hound CG film is in the works since I expect the usual out of that one.