Friday, 7 January 2011

Daws, Don, Doug and Dummies

Animator Mike Kazaleh has given up a rare piece of personal property for Jerry Beck to post over at Cartoon Brew. It’s a promotional record featuring H-B regular voice artists Daws Butler, Don Messick and Doug Young, along with the First Lady of Cartoon Voice Actors, June Foray.

Even the label’s cool. The caricatures were done by T. Hee, noted for his work at UPA and, before that, Disney, but who also spent time in the mid ‘30s at Warner Bros.

I can do no better than to link to the disc on Jerry’s site. Click here.

Well, yes, I can. Let me link to the background behind this. The disc is a sequel to another disc for ad-agency-ears-only called ‘All That Jazz—Blooper’s Soap.’ It’s a satire of how interfering clients, agencies and the people afraid losing their business can completely screw up even the simplest commercial. Anyone who was worked in commercial copywriting or production probably must have experienced that kind of thing at least once.

The script to the original disc can be found by clicking here.

Thanks Mike and Jerry for a chance to hear these fine cartoon voices in a recording likely few people reading have heard before.

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