Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Making of ‘Booboo Kills Yogi’

You’ve probably heard about, if you haven’t seen, that video with an “alternate ending” to the Yogi movie opening tomorrow.

People have sent me links to it, along with generally good reviews because of the creativity that went into it, including the technical adeptness (there have also been comments that it’s probably better than the actual movie). There was originally some speculation about who created it, but it’s now been revealed it is the work of 25-year-old animator Edmund Earle, who has worked with computer animation for nine years and in the “2-D” kind for eleven. He’s also been part of animation projects for a variety of American cable channels as well as PBS.

I haven’t talked about the video here for several reasons. However, if you’re interested in how Earle put it together, you can click on a Washington Post link HERE or on a blog at the Wall Street Journal HERE.

Earle’s work has received two-million-plus on-line hits (on the video, that is; there was just one hit on Yogi). If nothing else, it shows you the incredible power of the internet for instant, worldwide exposure.


  1. I think this shows, since there has been over two-million hits, that people have more than a passing interest in this version of Yogi. Very sad.

  2. My clicking on the video really shouldn't be ascribed to more than a passing interest in this version of Yogi. I was fairly certain it was not a clip for folks who were interested in this Yogi, but was rather aimed at the demographic horrified by it. I was pleasantly surprised after the first few seconds to find it was a riff on The Outlaw Jesse James. A weird swap would be to switch the music with some period-authentic HB music.