Wednesday 20 January 2010

Huckleberry Hound Show Model Sheets

These were snagged from somewhere off the internet. I’m sure the experts reading this blog can add a bit of insight.

First is a Yogi Bear model sheet from March 1960 signed by Dick Bickenbach.

The next two sheets are undated and unsigned. They came from the George Nicholas collection. I guess the Jinks and meece sheet is for size comparisons; I’m not an expert on these by any means.

And, finally, is my favourite part of the whole collection. This would be from 1959 or 1960 before Yogi got his own show, because Yakky Doodle still has his original name of ‘Biddy Buddy.’ It still has some marginal characters that never really got too far—the two crows who battled Huck in two cartoons; the boxing kangaroo who belted Jinks in, I think, only Boxing Buddy and, naturally, the star of this blog—me. It’s too bad the quality isn’t better so you can see what’s surrounding the Joe and Bill caricatures a little better.

Was this used for publicity posters? It strikes me as a bit much for stationery.


  1. Great model sheets. I like " Li-ron tamer Huckleberry " in the center. Love the " Hanna-Barbera Gang ". I can't tell if it was used as stationary or not. I won't mind having stationary like that.

  2. Congratulations Yowp, for making it on your 100th thread.

    Note: Sorry if you didn't get what I said last time I posted here.


  3. "Yowp-Yowp" Dodsworth,

    If you wanna see cool materials involving the Hanna-Barbera classical characters, enjoy to see these cool materials involving The Quick Draw McGraw Show (Hanna-Barbera/Columbia Pictures, 1959-62), which include roughs, model sheets and storyboards (great part of them drawn by Gene Hazelton). They're included on the John Kricfalusi's blog (, more exactly on the topic Quick Draw Fun, which's located on the following link:
    Have some fun, amigo!

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