Saturday 21 February 2009


Hello, all. I’m Yowp. You’ll remember me from the Yogi Bear cartoon Foxy Hound-Dog and a few others. I’m the dog that says “Yowp! Yowp!” all the time. And nothing else. However, I’ll be talking more here.

If you talk about Hanna-Barbera cartoons, you’ll find many people who have a fondness for the earliest half-hour shows: Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi Bear. The tremendous voices of Daws Butler. The clever writing of Mike Maltese. The (at times) imaginative cost-cutting drawing by some very talented former M.G.M. artists. There are even those who gush about the stock melodies from Capitol Hi-Q and Langlois Filmusic libraries in the audio background.

So, we’re here to talk about them. There’ll be some reviews of cartoons, bits of news and commentary. No Scooby here (cheering). The posts may be infrequent but, hey, I only said “Yowp” over and over again for 50 years, so what do you expect?

Oh, and I have no affiliation with any company involved in the manufacturing or selling of anything contained in these cartoons.


  1. Greg Chenoweth (The Blue Hombre)25 April 2009 at 16:43

    Hey, I have always said that I am the world's biggest Huckleberry Hound fan and, now, it looks like I might have competition. That's okay; I like it that way.

    Great website and good reviews on the cartoons of Hanna-Barbera. I'll keep checking in to see what's happening.

    My main hobby is collecting Huck memorabilia, by the way. I am a truly big fan.

  2. Greg, Huck isn't my favourite H-B character. But I do like the first-season shows overall. The dialogue and character designs got better later, but the artwork was less interesting and Hoyt Curtin's track library don't work for me as well as the stock music.
    I'd talk more about the other shows (Quick Draw) if I had decent versions of the cartoons to view and was as familiar with the music cues.