Wednesday, 28 September 2016

To the Moon, Huck!

Here’s a lovely Golden Book from 1960, as Huckleberry Hound leads a failed mission to the Moon, though he never knows it.

The artwork is great. Hawley Pratt, Friz Freleng’s long-time layout artist, did this work on the side from his career at Warner Bros. The story’s cute, too, one that young kids would enjoy. Mr. Jinks doesn’t chase the meece in this and actually turns out to be the smart one in the group.


  1. I think after, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.." the next best first sentence of any work of fiction is "One day Huckleberry Hound persuaded his friends to build a rocket ship." This story made me love Mr.Jinx even more than ever! I want him to come to my house and be my cat!! He is just the best!

  2. As I mentioned on Facebook, this wonderful book is available as an app for the iPhone and the iPad. I don't know if it is available on any other platforms.

  3. When art like this is done so well, it reads as visual candy! The Poses are fun and even though the characters are not entirely on model, they are true in spirit to the best of Hanna Barbera.