Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, June 1966

Someone had an eye for the young ladies as they appear in two of the Yogi Sunday newspaper comics from this month 50 years ago. Mrs. Ranger Smith makes an appearance as well. There are story holes here and there but nothing too distracting.

The June 5th comic ends with a reveal gag. Boo Boo is clearly annoyed in this one; he rarely showed that in the TV cartoons. Yogi has some neat poses. I don’t think the one on the far right panel in the middle row can be physically duplicated, can it?

Very nice angles highlight the June 12th comic. We look up and down at the action, and there’s a good silhouette panel in the first row. I don’t know why Yogi didn’t warn Ranger Smith of the cliff, but we wouldn’t have an end gag if he had.

The June 19th comic has one of my favourite bits of lettering. The name of the strip is spelled out in flowers (as in leis) in the opening panel. Very creative and attractive. Why is Yogi Bear going to Hawaii anyway? And where did he get all that money? (Maybe he set up another wishing well like on TV). Plenty of ladies with four-inch waists on Hawaii, it appears.

The go-go boss sounds of 1966 filled the air in Jellystone Park—a little bit too much—50 years ago this month. Gene Hazelton and his unidentified artist pull off some great poses in the comic of June 26th, complete with an excited tongue. Even the little birdies are groovin’ in the opening panel. And dig that mod mini-skirt and those fab boots! (Yes, people really did talk like that in the ‘60s, at least that I remember).

Click on any of the comics to see it a little bigger and better.


  1. In the June 26 strip, the rock band looks similar to the Impossibles minus Coilman.

    1. One of the members of the rock band in the Yogi Bear Sunday page from June 28, 1966, reminds very much Micky Dolenz from the Monkees.

  2. June 12th comic: Yogi DID know of the chasm, That's why he let the ranger go first, He figured that the Ranger would fall and help bridge the chasm.

  3. These materials were drawn by Iwao Takamoto e Jerry Eisenberg.

  4. I could almost hear Janet Waldo as the ranger's wife and the stewardess. I always love to imitate Yogi's voice as I read these!