Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Huck and Yogi by Warren Foster

Warren Foster took over the writing and storyboarding of the Huckleberry Hound show in 1959 when he arrived from Warner Bros (after a brief stop at the John Sutherland studio). Hanna-Barbera had two good storyboard artists in Dan Gordon and Alex Lovy but Foster was no chicken-scratch sketcher. He had drawn his own boards at Warners and did it when he moved to H-B. His panels are attractive and expressive, and a good starting point for the layout artist.

The Animation Guild Blog has posted a nine-panel sheet from one of those cartoons-between-the-cartoons from the Huck show. It’s a shame the cartoonette itself isn’t around but Foster’s drawings should give you a good idea what it was like.

You can see all nine of them by going HERE. Stephen Worth has identified them as Foster’s. Compare them to Foster’s panels from Ice Box Raider (1961) we posted here before.

It’s nice to see some drawings have survived and we hope a few more surface on the internet for today’s fans to enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for posting these Warren Foster sketches on your site, Yowp. I love these kinds of tidbits and info. I believe that Warren Foster was one of the greatest Looney Tunes writers that they had. Friz Freleng was able to use his talents to better his cartoons and Warren carried over that talent to H-B.